MR11 Bulbs

MR11 12 LED - Glass Covered

MR11 12 LED - Glass Covered
MR11 12 LED - retail packageMR11 12 LED - Technical drawing

New high brightness 12 LED MR11. Not only have we added more LEDs on board, this chip technology is more efficient and has a higher Lumen p/watt than the 9 LED version it has replaced.

Designed with a wide DC input voltage range (10-30v DC) and a very low 2 Watt power consumption - but punches out a massive 180Lm!

Delivered in a smart looking retail package and comes with a 5 year warranty.

These have also been made in Natural White (4000K),  Warm White (3000K) and Cool White (6000K). 


MR11 9 LED - Glass Covered

MR11 9 LED Cool White - Glass Covered
MR11 specs

The 9 LEDs are arranged inside the standard MR11 reflector unit. G4 pins and glass cover, ideal for range hoods and general lighting.

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